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Everest Sandia Restaurant

Welcome to Everest Sandai Restaurant, a culinary fusion of vibrant Japanese and Nepali flavors. Namaste to all our esteemed guests!

At Sandai, we curate an exquisite culinary journey, combining the essence of India and Nepal to bring you an authentic and delightful dining experience. Our chefs, steeped in tradition and culinary expertise, handcraft each dish with a blend of authentic spices and contemporary twists, ensuring every bite embodies the rich tapestry of these diverse cuisines.

Indulge in our recommended set: a unique harmony of hamburger steak infused with Nepali spices, exclusively available at our Sahara Izumi branch. Delight in our signature dish, the rich keema curry with Sendai beef, priced invitingly and crafted to perfection, reflecting our commitment to quality and taste.

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